Press Shop and Body Construction

Hamton has a wealth of experience in both modern and traditional press shops. We understand the environmental and safety challenges they bring. This is why our teams are thoroughly trained in safety best practice, and to work in high-traffic, high-noise surroundings with slip and trip risk. 

Our Specialist Technical Cleaners are experts in the upkeep and cleaning of de-coilers, blanking presses and automated sequential presses. They also work in key areas such as die storage, wheel machines, phosphate plants and paint processes. We know how to specify cleaning equipment and processes to ensure that floors stay clean dry, oil free and above all, safe.

Areas dedicated to body assembly – whether sub assembly or full body in white shells – demand a different set of skills. The effective cleaning and maintenance of Body Construction Robots and cells is of course critical in a modern car plant.


Our peerless experience and dedication to doing the best possible job mean that we have both the exacting processes and the best possible people. Working safely and efficiently, we can eliminate the risk of stoppage and help to keep production flowing. In short, we know how to meet the cleanliness requirements and special needs in this unique workplace, and deliver them, consistently.

Paint Shop

There are few manufacturing environments as challenging as the automotive paint shop.

We provide complete solutions and expert professional staff, including Paint Equipment Specialists and Chemists who understand this environment. Each member of our dedicated team will have experience of all the relevant equipment and processes:

    • Phosphate Plants
    • E coat Systems
    • Esta Systems
    • Manual colour and lacquer booths
    • Paint ovens

    In our maintenance of total cleanliness we conduct pre and post particle counts for paint booths and ovens. Staff are equipped with lint free PPE and non-shedding materials. The use of solvents is strictly controlled, and green technologies are used wherever possible.

    Our specialist experience includes:

    • Fuel tank cleanouts
    • Plenum cleaning
    • Oven cleaning and filter changes
    • Air handling units
    • Sand deck control
    • Finished body care

    Trim & Final Assembly

    Trim and Final Assembly areas are busy and high traffic areas which are pressured and complex environments. Our teams providing maintenance and cleaning services are able to work in this pressurised environment where the maintenance of product flow is critical.

    Waste control, management and removal from the plant plays an essential role in keeping the plant free of physical bottlenecks and reducing dust and fire risks.

    The housekeeping of automotive Trim & Final Assembly must be first class as often it is this area of the vehicle manufacturing plant is seen by the public and visiting press and dignitaries.

    We understand the diverse needs of each area of the operation from the point the body arrives on its carrier through power train assembly and internal trim.

    We work closely with our clients so that we can support them in their objective of a clean, tidy and well maintained plant.


    Engine Production

    Automotive Engine Production ranges from heavy machining with complex waste streams through to tightly controlled assembly within class 10,000 Clean Areas.  Hamton works in all areas from engine machining through to final assembly.

    Our Services to engine manufacturing are amongst the most comprehensive of any service supplier. We maintain plant cleanliness, remove and recycle waste materials, oils and metals, maintain capital equipment on production lines and provide full mechanical electrical services.

    In engine assembly and clean areas we provide marketplace design and construction, manage and operate Materials Planning and logistics, service all plant needs and even ship finished product.